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The hacks of the Daily Slur in the BATS Next Generation production
Basingstoke June 2006

The Rumpelstiltskin Racket

Song Demos

Here are all the main songs from THE RUMPELSTILTSKIN RACKET. These recordings are not suitable for use in performances.

There are full details of the show's cast and content here: Kjartan Poskitt Shows

Two fairground tricksters are hauled before the evil Madam Inquisitor - can Magic Miranda really spin straw to gold? Luckily the King sees the fun side as the hacks from "The Daily Slur" lap up every detail.

But things are not always as they seem thanks to the gruesome games of the mysterious manikin with a hundred voices but no name...

"We recently performed CATS and also WE WILL ROCK YOU, OUR HOUSE and HAIRSPRAY as part of our repertoire, but for most of the committee our favourite remains RUMPELSTILTSKIN !

Sandie Thomson, Secretary, BATS Next Generation

Part One

Dance Of Life - ALL

Wake Up - Servants

My Little Fish - Inquisitor

The Manikin Song - Manikin

Sad Sad Story - Smithy, Smutt, Smirch, Hacks

Part Two

The Closest Friend - Manikin

Bananas For You - King and Miranda

The Straw Spinner - instrumental

Demon Music - instrumental

Exclusive And Intrusive - Hacks

The Closest Friend (Reprise) - Manikin

Lucky To Be Here - Smithy, Smutt, Smirch, ALL

Dance Of Life (reprise - live recording) - ALL

This is the cover of the book published by
Samuel French Ltd

SMITHY an apprentice reporter
SMIRCH } reporters for the Daily Slur
PROFESSOR MILLER a fairground showman
MIRANDA his daughter
MADAM INQUISTOR the wanna-be queen
THE MANIKIN the evil changeling
SMUDGE a photographer for the Daily Slur

Plus lots of chorus parts including villagers, messengers, guards, palace servants, crows, demons, enchanted toys and the hacks of the Daily Slur.

Note: The Professor and the King are male, Miranda and the Inquisitor are female. All other parts can be played by anyone. For smaller companies: the Baker, Manikin and Smudge can be played by one person. The Town Crier can be a voice off.

As seen in a 1996 production by
The Stewkley Players
The music is available on a CD of backing tracks.
There are also full arrangements for
  • Piano/vocal score
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Drums

For all performance enquires please contact

Samuel French Ltd

There are more details of the show's cast and content, plus details of Kjartan Poskitt's other shows here: Kjartan Poskitt Shows

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