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A Ghost Story with Music!

Song Demos

"The audience loved every moment. I wish all kids' shows were
up to this standard." - Angie Rew, The Scotsman
"Kjartan Poskitt has once again produced a winning formula for a
colourful and comic children's show." - Brian Cooper, The Stage

Here are all the main songs from SAMMY's MAGIC GARDEN.

These recordings are not suitable for use in performances.

There are full details of the show's cast and content here: Kjartan Poskitt Shows

Sammy moves into an old house along with his lively mum and inventor dad. He quickly finds lots of spooky goings-on, but only his school friend Alice believes him. Why won't Compost the gardener let him look round? Who leaves messages in his homework book, who owns the mysterious doll that keeps appearing, is the birthday cake really poisoned, what is nasty Miss Nettle's secret and why does the sundial chime at midnight?

An all-year pantomime show with slapstick, music, mad jokes and a songsheet.

Part One

Intro/School Is Over - Sammy, Alice, School Friends

Don't You Know? - Miss Nettle

Weirdest Thing I've Ever Seen - Compost

Nothing To Be Scared Of - Compost, Sammy, Alice

Don't Go Into The Garden - Compost

Part Two

Catch The Cat - Egbert, Gloria, Sammy, Alice, School Friends

Flame Of Youth - Egbert, Gloria

Remember ... There's Nothing To Be Scared Of - Compost, Sammy, Alice

It's Nice To See You Again - Compost, Sammy, Alice, Flower Children

I'm Not Scared (songsheet) - Sammy, Alice and AUDIENCE!

Finale medley - ALL

This is the cover of the book published by
Samuel French Ltd

Poster for the POLKA THEATRE, Wimbledon 1989
SAMMY MATTHEWS a schoolboy
ALICE His best friend
EGBERT Sammy's eccentric inventor Dad
GLORIA Sammy's fun-loving Mum
MISS NETTLE the evil housekeeper
COMPOST the jolly gardener
MARTIN } some of Sammy's
KEVIN } school friends

Plus a CHORUS of more schoolfriends and enchanted flower children.

Note: Sammy can be male or female and Alice can be "Eddie" if required!

A vocal score (melodies and chords) is available.

The backing music is available as a set of MP3 downloads.
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Samuel French Ltd

Latchmere Theatre 1987.

There are more details of the show's cast and content, plus details of Kjartan Poskitt's other shows here: Kjartan Poskitt Shows

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