Hello to our Chinese speaking visitors!
Hello friends! We regret that we can only speak English!

Since Murderous Maths was first launched by Scholastic UK in 1997, we've been delighted to get messages from all over the world. Recently we've heard from a lot of Chinese readers and we have really enjoyed seeing all these covers with simplified Chinese text!

Many thanks to Harley Wang from Jinan, China
who sent us all these covers and helped
us with our Chinese greeting on this page!


The MM site has over 600 pages! For quick reference, here are the pages that most of our visitors look for first:

A guide to the maths in the MM books This page is set up for teachers and students who want to know the maths content of each book.

The A-Z guide to Murderous Maths This page lists every topic we've covered with where you can find more information in the books or on this site.

Teacher Resources Here are a set of activities and tricks you can do at home or in class.

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We love to hear from you! Please find a moment to tell us a bit about who YOU are ( student -parent - teacher ?), where you are, how you discovered Murderous Maths and if we've helped you. All reasonable messages will get a personal answer. Please use this special mail address:

Zifan Zhang sent us these great pictures as he reads about the formulas in The Perfect Sausage!

Is it possible to divide a cresent shape into six pieces with two straight cuts?

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