Improve your maths with the help of these useful apps in 2021

Maths is a tough subject for many people, but that doesnít mean that it canít be fun, especially when you throw in various tricks and games . People are turning to an array of maths apps to improve their knowledge of the subject, too.

Itís the way of the world now, with a mobile phone application for virtually everything these days. People are turning to various creations to help monitor their health and fitness, while others are banking online with an app, booking holidays, or even finding love online alongside the usual gaming creations such as Fortnite and games based on classic shows like the colourful and fun Batman slots based on the 1960S TV show . Maths apps are also being downloaded as people unlock new and exciting ways to master the complexities of calculus and the tricks of trigonometry. There is a comprehensive selection of apps to choose from, too.

With that in mind, here is a selection of some of the best maths apps in 2021.


A massively popular app at the moment , MalMath has been praised for its detailed and clear explanation of some of maths most common problems. The app offers a unique insight into mathematics problems thanks to its precise and well-explained steps. The app is free, too, making it accessible to all. It also functions offline, therefore opening it up to people who donít always have access to the internet. Ultimately, MalMathís additional information and detailed answers provide users with a better understanding of the subject.

GeoGebra Classic

Tackling a whole range of different maths equations, GeoGebra Classic uses graphs to illustrate points and provide its users with as much detail as they could possibly require. The app tackles the likes of geometry, spreadsheets, digital algebra and probability, alongside a range of other useful things you need to master what is an important subject in life . If youíre partial to the odd graph and learn better through the use of them, then give GeoGebra Classic a download.


A widely used social networking app with students, Brainly enables its users to feel part of a community as you ask questions to fellow students and find the answers together in a friendly environment for learning. Sometimes hearing an answer from a fellow student registers more easily, therefore making Brainly a worthwhile option for some people. The app and the service it offers is free, too, making it accessible to all.


Only available on android, Photomath enables you to use your smartphone camera to help solve even the trickiest of maths problems. All you do is point the camera at a specific problem, and then the app will get to work and provide a step-by-step answer and explanation. A free tool also, Photomath is a solid option.

Khan Academy

A more traditional maths app on the list, Khan Academy covers everything from the basics to maths at an expert level. With over 10,000 videos, 40,000 questions, and a large selection of different types of math to explore, Khan Academy offers a truly comprehensive and detailed look at maths. From trigonometry to pre-algebra to arithmetic, this free app has been a trusted tool for learners for a while now, and itís easy to see why.

Komodo Maths

Aimed at the younger generation with teachers at the forefront of its design, Komodo Maths has you or your child covered if youíre keen to obtain a basic understanding of foundation level maths. The app offers up game-based rewards mechanisms in what is a fun and entertaining way of learning about the subject.