Sports To Bet On

People have bet on the outcome of contests since their inception. The allure of easy money is something few can resist. But, is it really Ė easy? The short answer is, no. Even though you might think that sports betting is knowledge plus chance, with a heavier emphasis on knowledge, things often donít work out as you might expect.

Things like the odds and what youíre allowed to bet on will always tip the scale in the bookie's favour. Thus, taking everything into consideration, maybe playing online casino games is a better option. Theyíre a more regulated form of online gambling and the amount of games on offer is vast, from every table game known to man, to advanced slots. Plus, with progressive jackpots, loyalty programs and tons of other casino bonuses available, you will be provided with the best gaming experience.

But if you want to stick to betting on things where your hours in front of the TV or all that barbershop talk can come into play, here are some good ones.

American Football

Itís definitely a great sport to put money on. Other than your classical bet on who wins, you can partake in things like value betting and arbitrage bets. There are tipster services that offer information thatíll lead you to make educated wagers. These professionals use strategies and mathematical models to reach their value bets and they have extensive experience in their practices.


Probably one of the easiest sports to predict. Itís a high scoring game where quality usually rises to the top. Thus, gamblers have to bet on things like the point spread, by how much a team will win or lose, or wager if a particular player will score above an X number of points. You have to do your research, study a teamís history, win-loss record, their schedule, away-home record, injury reports, coaching tendencies and so on.

MMA/ Boxing

Itís way easier to guess whoís going to win a boxing match, rather than an MMA fight. Boxing is a far more limited type of combat, and the number of quality boxers is limited. A few years back, ten journalists predicted every major MMA event for a year, and the winner accurately guessed the outcome of 48% of the fights. So, even the experts canít get it right 50% of the time. Your best bet is to follow prospects and capitalize on their anonymity.

At the moment, the most popular and most competitive MMA championship is the UFC. Here, some of the best fighters in the world are sharing the octagon, meaning that not only will the odds be fantastic, but the sport is also great to watch. It is worth noting that the UFC is home to the recently-retired Khabib Nurmagomedov , as well as the likes of Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Kamaru Usman, Dustin Poirer, Max Holloway, and many more.

Horse Racing

Ah, the sport of kings, one thatís fading, a source of many doping scandals and a rising number of horse deaths . Even though itís considered the nucleus of sports gambling and is the 5th most associated sport with the activity, some say that itís outlived its time.

However, there is still nothing like the rush of putting in a late bet on the horse and watching him run. Itís a big guessing game, but thatís what makes it fun. Nowadays, you can live bet and watch streams from around the world, but it's no substitute for the true race track experience.