Peculiar Primes!

Some prime numbers make cute patterns.

Here's one of our favourites:


But if you want a prime number that's even stranger, try this:
  • Write out 1808010808
  • Write it out again
  • Write it out again...
  • Keep writing it out a total of 1560 times.
  • Put a 1 on the end.

You get a prime number with 15,601 digits, and the good bit is that it's a palindrome, it works when you look at it in a mirror, you can turn it upside down, you can hold the piece of paper up to the light and look at it from through the other side...

Another good prime number is
106400 - 106352 - 1
If you don't want to work it out, just look at the number with all the nines in the white box on the right! >>>

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