The Warp Maze Hints

If you're stuck or not sure what to do, here are some hints and answers to commonly asked questions. Have a look through to see if this helps you, then if you're still REALLY stuck, check the full solution.

What do I have to do?


Most maze books have "start" and "finish" marked on each page but not this one. With the WARPMAZE you have to start at the ENTRANCE door, work through the book, collect the eight objects and then get back.

The instructions explain everything including how to get started and how to collect your first object from the dressing table.

After you've been to the dressing table you arrive in the attic. In the attic you can reach the candlestick and two other doors. These other doors lead to the Railway, the Garden or the have to choose which looks best and go on from there.

Where do I finish?

When you've got as many objects as you can, you need to get back to the ENTRANCE door on the dressing table. The only way back there is to return through the attic.

You may travel either way as shown by the red line
Can I go forwards and backwards on the same path?

Yes - unless you're told not to! For instance when you reach the mirror on the dressing table, you make your way to the urn and then back again through the same door. (However that door can take you to the Moon or to the Scaffolding!)

If there is any type of one-way sign, then you may NOT go the wrong way past it. There are one-way restrictions in the Streets, the Scaffolding and the Board Game.

What do the Sneex look like?

Look for their eyes in the shadows!
Who's lurking in the tunnel?


Do I only visit each maze once?

No. It is necessary to visit most mazes at least twice. Sometimes you will use the same routes and at other times you'll be on different routes.

This is how you might start crossing the attic
How do I get through the attic?

The rules say you may only walk along a plank held by at least two nails. But it doesn't matter where on the plank the nails are, and you don't have to walk all the way along it.

If I reach a door do I HAVE to go through it?

The green line shows where you can go
if you want to skip the door.
No. For instance in the Pipes, if you come up the plug hole in the bath you might like to pass the door and continue through the cold water tap.

You could choose the green route or the red route.
How does the Scaffolding work?

The rules explain that you can only slide DOWN the poles and MUST walk along each plank you reach. Therefore you can only start at a door above the ground level. When you come out, choose which way you want to go and then see where it makes you end up.


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