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Everyday Maths For Grown Ups
Kjartan Poskitt's book to help adults with their sums!

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Find out why this equation works and loads of other stuff in the NICEST maths book ever! Full of photos and cartoons - a perfect gift for anyone who likes maths.
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"1089 And All That"
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Now available... The classic MM titles adapted for younger readers!

The Classic Murderous Maths Books

If individual titles are not available, the POWER OF TEN set contains ten of the books at a bargain price!

Bend Your Brain * Mash Your Mind * Awesome Arithmetricks
Desperate Measures * Do You Feel Lucky? * Savage Shapes
Key To The Universe * Phantom X * Perfect Sausage
Easy Questions Evil Answers

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The Murderous Maths Puzzle Books

This is the original large-sized "Book of Brainbenders"

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Join all the regular Murderous Maths characters in their own Su Doku book. It comes with full instructions for absolute beginners, tips for more advanced solvers and some diabolical puzzles to finish with involving prime numbers and letters! Puzzles from Michael Mepham (who does "The Daily Telegraph" Su Dokus), text from Kjartan Poskitt and Evil Gollarks from the planet Zog.
40 Kakuro puzzles plus tips and hints... and then a bath load of Sudoku's, plus our own favourite "Bridge" puzzles and you could even be one of the first people to master the NEW Dreaded KJARPOSKOS!

Other Books by Kjartan Poskitt

Full Kjartan Poskitt Booklist

Newton and his Falling Apple

Newton explained gravity, calculus and colours. He also stuck things in his eyes, beat up the school bully, had coin forgers hung drawn and quartered, upset the Germans, nearly burnt himself to death and could have been hung for being a heretic! A weird and wonderful story with fabulous pictures by Philip Reeve.

The Gobsmacking Galaxy

What can you see in the sky?
What are the other planets really like?
How do you travel in space?
How could your children become older than you?
Where do stars come from?
What are red giants and black holes...
...the answers are all in here!

Everyday Maths For Grown Ups

Kjartan Poskitt's book for adults who have never understood how sums and numbers work!

It starts with how to add and subtract, works through multiplying and long division, then takes on everything else including fractions, decimals, percentages, speed, algebra, area and volume, conversions, measurements, probability and more!
Whether you want to help kids with school work, or you've got your own numeracy exam to pass, or you just fancy learning a few tricks to show your mates, this book has the lot.

"It's all here: enough maths to get you through any and every day, and perhaps help adults keep up with their kids - now there's a thought! Enjoy!"
- Johnny Ball

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originally published as

Unbelieveable! A book of conjuring tricks all involving pants with some of Philip Reeve's funniest ever pictures. Learn how to do everything from small intimate tricks to huge stadium illusions. For more details visit The Magic of Pants Site

originally published as

Poskitt and Reeve return to explain:
What was the Pantasuarus? How did God punish the serpent in the Garden of Eden? What did spies use to send secret messages in World War Two? Visit the Eighth Wonder of the World and learn about the dreadful curse of the Ancient Egyptian Queen Parpunsnuiffet's wedding pants.

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Follow the adventures of the Murderous Maths anti-hero Urgum along with Mungoid the Ungoid, Grizelda the Grisly, Hunjah the Headless and many others including man-eating plants, gorilla/budgie creatures and the barbarian gods!
"...side-splittingly, belly-wobblyingly, head-in-risk-of-falling-off funny!"
John McLay, book consultant.

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