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One Trillion Replies!

A computer technician in the UK's NHS service accidentally sent a test email to 1,200,000 other workers - and dozens of them hit "reply all". In total over 186 million emails were sent, blocking up the system for eight hours.
It could have been worse... if everybody had hit "reply all", then that would have generated 1,440,000,000,000 utterly pointless emails. Thank goodness it couldn't have happened back in the good old days of letters, envelopes and stamps!
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The Long Crawl!

Canadian mathematicians have worked out the shortest route to visit 24,727 pubs in Britain! It includes pubs on the Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man - but there's a tiny problem. One of the pubs they missed out is the Duke of York in Whitby. How careless.

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The 59 Ball Lottery

We've done all the sums to explain the The UK National Lottery.
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