The Printing Errors!

Who do you find GUILTY?

The Witness Statement:

A murderous maths reader called Tomath pointed out that in the earliest copies of "THE FIENDISH ANGLETRON" there is a dreadful mistake! If you have one of the first books printed then you might be lucky to find that you've got one of the extremely valuable flawed copies.

The Crime:

The mistake is on page 136 - so look at your copy now and see if you can find it without us telling you. Otherwise drag your mouse along inside this box:

The angles of the triangle DON'T add up to 180º! The "tee shot" should be 88º

There are also two more mistakes.

1/ Several readers kindly pointed out that
On PAGE 110 it should be sec = 1/cos and cosec = 1/sin

2/ Nine years after the book was first published Ben Stankovich of Australia noticed an error on page 206! When Supersin calculates angle Q in the QIE triangle, there are actually two possible answers because sin-10.997 can be 86º or 94º. Supersin uses the value 86º but the real answer should have been 94º. (This can be proved using the cosine formula.) So well done to Ben who beat the Angletron!

So whose fault was it?

Here are the suspects:

* some names have been changed to protect people with reputations worth saving.

Remember.. before you go blaming anybody, don't forget that over a million Murderous Maths readers including teachers, academics and other really brainy types ALSO read the book without spotting the mistakes! So big congratulations to Tomath (Thomas Gooderidge), and Ben Stankovich and the handful of other people who realised when something was wriong!


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