The Finger Tables

This is a great way of multiplying any two numbers between 6 and 10.

If you've ever seen "Mr Numbervator" on the tv or performing live, you'll know that this is one of his favourite tricks! This method is also known as "Indian Multiplication"

First you need to imagine your fingers on each hand are numbered like this:

Now suppose you want to multiply 8 x 9, you touch together the 8 finger from one hand and the 9 finger of the other hand.

You work out the "tens" and "units" separately:

It works! Because 8 x 9 DOES make 72!

Let's try 7 x 6

Check it - and you'll find that 7 x 6 DOES make 42!

Try this out with other numbers on the tables. It's brilliant!

Multiplying Bigger Numbers

If you want to know how to multiply numbers from 11-15 or 16-20 just using your fingers, it's all explained in the NUMBERS book.


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