The LAZIEST Game in the World.

If it's all getting too much for you, invite a friend round and unwind with a fantastically thrilling game of "GUESS THE DISTANCE".

It might sound dull but this game is just perfect for when you are feeling so lazy you can't even be bothered to put the telly on. All you need is a tape measure and another person feeling as lazy as you are.

Go THIS way Go THAT way
The conversation might go like this:

"I reckon the distance between the top left hand corner of the light switch to the handle on that cup on the table is 2,195 millimetres."

"I say it's higher."

Exciting stuff eh? Now then, you've got a choice:

Once you've had a few goes you'll find it's fun, it's addictive and best of all... you don't have to wear any brightly coloured lycra clothing.

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