The Printing Error!

Who do you find GUILTY?

The Witness Statement:

A murderous maths reader called "Hazzy" pointed out that in the earliest copies of"NUMBERS" there is a dreadful mistake! If you have one of the first books printed then you might be lucky to find that you've got one of the extremely valuable flawed copies.

The Crime:

The mistake is on page 106 - so look at your copy now and see if you can find it without us telling you. Otherwise drag your mouse along inside this box:

It should say: "There are 8 Prime numbers between 1 and 20: 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19."
For some reason the flawed copies missed out 5!

So whose fault was it?

Here are the suspects:

* some names have been changed to protect people with reputations worth saving.

Remember.. before you go blaming anybody, don't forget that several thousand Murderous Maths readers including teachers, academics and other really brainy types ALSO read the book without spotting the mistake! So big congratulations to 11 year old Hazzy (Harriet Freeman) who was the first to spot it.


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