The Devil's Dice

Hello - it's Professor Fiendish here!

This is the very last puzzle in my brilliant book Professor Fiendish's Diabolical Brainbenders and it's the worst.

This is partly because I didn't put the answer in the book, but mainly because in some of the books, two of the pictures were accidentally the wrong way round. That made the puzzle even more diabolical than it was supposed to be HAR HAR!

Here's the puzzle...

I throw two special dice.

All twelve numbers on the dice are different, but
some of the numbers (e.g. 19 and 61) look the same!

After the first throw, the dice land like this.

I can tell you that the numbers on the bottom of the dice add to make 105

This is what the dice look like after the second throw.

This time the numbers on bottom of the dice add to make 149

I throw the dice one more time.

Here's the big question...

What do the numbers on the bottom of the dice add to make now?

The answer is one of these numbers.

Click on it to see if you've got it right!

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