The Dreaded Daily KJARPOSKO Puzzle

Here's your DAILY Kjarposko! You should be able to solve these puzzles using logic and simple arithmetic, but you may find that it's not as easy as it looks.

There's a different puzzle for each day of the month. Today's date is . The easiest puzzles appear at the start of the month, and then day by day they get harder until the end of the month. (The monster puzzle number 31 only appears seven times a year.)

The harder puzzles have some upper boxes marked with a *. You have to discover these numbers too!

RIGHT CLICK the puzzle and then SAVE or PRINT to create your own copy.

You can find more details and hints at The Kjarposko Page and you'll find all the answers to the daily puzzles here.

If you've enjoyed these puzzles, have a look at the K-PUZZ page.
There are regular new puzzles on our Twitter Page.

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