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The Fabulous Time Wasting TETRIS game!

Check your scores:
0-1000 Try using the arrow buttons on your keyboard!
1000-2000 Very good, no real time wasted at all
2001-5000 Oops... you're starting to think this rubbish matters.
5001-20000 Oh dear. Thinking you're a bit nifty now eh?
20001-50000 Open the curtains, breathe in some air, get out more.
50001-80000 You need friends.
80001-97714 You need friends with advanced medical knowledge.
97715 You are Kjartan Poskitt
over 97715 You have just upset Kjartan Poskitt

JsTetris 1.1.0

Game Over
Level: 1
Score: 0
Lines: 0
APM: 0
Time: 0
Help x
up - rotate
down - move down
left - move left
right - move right
space - fall to the bottom
n - new game
r - reset

1) Puzzle speed = 80+700/level miliseconds, the smaller value the faster puzzle falls
2) If puzzles created in current level >= 10+level*2 then increase level
3) After puzzle falling score is increased by 1000*level*linesRemoved
4) Each "down" action increases score by 5+level (pressing space counts as multiple down actions)
Highscores x

Note: these scores are kept in cookies, they are only visible to your computer, other players that visit this page see their own scores.

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