Unpublished Trick:
The Modest Scotsman          

The conjuror invites three Scotsmen wearing kilts on to the stage. A pair of heavy duty industrial strength pants are supplied. The conjuror is blindfolded. One of the Scotsman is asked to pull on the pants and then to readjust his kilt to look natural. Once this has been done, the blindfold is removed. It seems impossible to know which Scotsman is wearing the pants without the aid of a mirror on a stick, but...

Within a few seconds the conjuror identifies the modest Scotsman upon which all three kilts are raised and the truth is revealed.


Take the pants and sew up the convenience hole from the inside. Prior to the performance, the ice cube should be inserted into the outside of the convenience hole. A convenient way of fixing the cube into the pants is to dampen the ice cube slightly and then put the loaded pants in a freezer for a few hours before the trick is due to commence. Perform the trick as explained above and once the pants have been put on by one of your volunteers, remove your blindfold. After a few moments of light conversation, look down at the floor beneath the Scotsmen. The one standing in a small puddle of water is the one wearing the pants.


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