Unpublished Trick:
The Pant Pattern Predictor          

Your volunteer's undie secrets revealed!

The conjuror holds four blank cards and asks for three volunteers to join him on stage. He explains that he can see each person's pants through their outer clothing.

He asks the name of the first volunteer and writes it on the top card. He then stares at the volunteer and underneath the name he writes a description of his or her pants on the card.

"Done it!" announces the conjuror. He puts the top card in an envelope so he can't write anything else on it then he asks the volunteer to show his or her pants to the audience so they can remember them.

He then turns to the next volunteer, asks the name and then writes it and a pant description on the second card. Again he says "Done it", puts the card in the envelope and asks the second volunteer to display his or her pants.

He repeats the process with the third volunteer.

Finally the conjuror writes his own name and a description of his own pants on the last card, puts the card in the envelope and then shows everyone his own pants.

Finally he puts his pen away and takes the cards from the envelope and passes the named cards out to the volunteers. They look at the cards and...

Each name has the correct pants description beneath it!



Ensure you are wearing some pants under your own clothes.


When you ask the first volunteer his or her name, write your own name and pant description on the top card. Put the card in the envelope without letting anyone see it. After this you ask the first volunteer to display his or her pants.

When you ask the second volunteer his or her name, you actually write the name and decription of the first person's pants on the card! Likewise when you ask the third person, you write the second person's details. Finally when you say you are writing your own details, you actually write the third person's details down.

When the four cards are in the envelope, pull them out, pass them round and the miracle is complete.

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