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The Murderous Mystery Tour!

Instead of just following the usual links round the Murderous Maths site, try taking the mystery route. If you're lucky you might even find the TOP SECRET AREAS!

These include joke zones, games, secret tricks and the dreaded Room of Doom. There are no other links to these pages, you've got to take the tour!

The special signposts give you a choice of directions: so you can choose to click on "THIS WAY" or "THAT WAY".

When you reach a new page look for another sign to continue the tour. If you can't find it, use "BACK" on your browser or just start again.

It's time to start. Well go on then....

... make your mind up!

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You might stumble into
Professor Fiendish's
and end up being eaten alive
by the bogiepedes!

If you escape the Room of Doom, you'll discover Professor Fiendish's real first name! He's really embarrassed about it so DO send him a message. He's already had loads and he HATES them! The first person to discover the Professor's first name was Dan White of Leeds and his prize was that his name appears in "VICIOUS CIRCLES"

Ooh this is too scary for me!
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