Catriona Shearer's Puzzles

In 2018 Catriona Shearer started putting these cute puzzles on Twitter, and very soon maths fans all over the world were racing to solve them.

Catriona is a maths teacher in Cambridge and she loves mixing up numbers with music because her favourite hobby is bellringing!

We've just shown a few of her puzzles here, but if you'd like to see more, you can download them from:

Catriona's Puzzle Pages

You can also look at ...

Catriona's Twitter Page
... where you'll find more puzzles, and see some of the amazing solutions people have come up with!

And now...

Catriona's puzzles are available in a book!

It's the perfect present for all maths and puzzle fans.
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Teacher Resources

The Murderous Maths Home Page

Find the angle in the triangle in the circle
in the triangle in the semi-circle.
See the answer!
Here are four squares. The area of the little square = 5.
What's the area of the blue triangle?
See the answer!
The areas of four squares are shown.
What is the area of the big square?
All FOUR triangles are isosceles - so how big is the angle?
In this right-angled trapezium, the green area is 6 more
than the yellow area. How long is x?
The two bigger hexagons are equal. The small hexagon
has area = 10. What's the area of the red triangle?