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The strangest maze in the world is here!

The warp maze is a book made up of 12 different sections which are all linked by "Warp Doors".            

The object of the Warp Maze is to start at the beginning and find your way through all the 12 sections. On your way you'll have to negotiate a bizarre selection of challenges including a railway, a plumbing system, a board game, an old attic, an alien planet and an overgrown conservatory. Finally you must find your way out again or you'll be stuck forever in the WARP.

As you go through the maze there are 8 different objects you must collect. How well will you do?

Oh...and just in case you were thinking of cheating, you are being watched!    

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Hello Denmark!
En speciel velkomst til Danskere som er de forste, der far deres egen oversattelse af Warpmaze!


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"WARP MAZE" and "WARP DOORS" are copyright © Kjartan Poskitt 1994
The WARP MAZE was first published by Scholastic Books in 2002