The Area Calculator


To get the area of a triangle you can either use Triangle(BH) which asks you to enter the Base and Height.

Or you can use the amazing Triangle(3S) formula which asks for the lengths of the three sides of the triangle. (You don't need to know the perpendicular height!)
If the three sides measure a, b and c, then the Triangle(3S) formula used by the calculator is:
Triangle area = (s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c))½
where s is the "semiperimeter" of the triangle defined by the formula s = ½(a+b+c)

If you've read The Perfect Sausage you'll know about semi-perimeter cows!
You can use this neat toy to work out the area of the following shapes:
Square, Triangle*, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Trapezium
or you can work out the surface area of the following solids:
Sphere, Cylinder, Cube, Cuboid.

Find the area of a =

Don't forget that the height of a triangle
is perpendicular to the base!
IF you put your ellipse into a rectangle,
the "A" and "B" measurements are shown here.

If you're a TRAPEZIUM fan - find out what happened when we were asked to work out the area of a trapezium without knowing the height!

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