Who writes and draws Murderous Maths?

Kjartan Poskitt Since he got his engineering degree, Kjartan has worked on kids telly, been Widow Twankey, played lots of pub pianos very loudly and desperately tried to be funny. As well as books, he's written all sorts of stuff from stage musicals to "Rosie and Jim" comic, he invents games and puzzles and does music for stage and tv on his lethal array of old synthesisers. At first glance he looks like he might be the scruffiest bloke in Yorkshire but when you get to know him you realise that he IS the scruffiest bloke in Yorkshire despite the efforts of his very understanding wife and kids. If you're desperate to know more about him or his other books, his music or shows, try: Kjartan's website

Kjartan writes all the "Murderous Maths" books and yes, he CAN be bribed to come and give a talk about them. All the details are at: Kjartan Author Appearances

Philip by Philip Philip Reeve hails from Devon, but on a clear day he can be heard from as far away as Droitwich. He has been earning a living as a cartoonist since 1994 and has illustrated over forty books. His rubbish jokes have been translated into French, German, Polish, Dutch, Korean and something that looks like Martian but is probably Latvian. He lives with his wife Sarah and young son in a small village on Dartmoor where he spends his time drawing, walking, writing and looking a bit gloomy. His first major novel "MORTAL ENGINES" was published in the autumn of 2001 by Scholastic. Since then he has written several more and in his spare time he flies all over the world picking up awards for them.

You can find out more about Philip and his books at Philip's website or The Mortal Engines Website and you can order his novels from our bookshop.

Philip paints all the covers and did the pictures for "More Murderous Maths", "Desperate Measures", "Do You Feel Lucky?", "Vicious Circles", "Numbers", "Professor Fiendish's Diabolical Brainbenders", "Phantom X", "Fiendish Angletron" and "The Perfect Sausage". He also did most of the artwork on this site.

An unfairly frumpy picture that looks nothing like Lisa Edwards. Lisa Edwards is the Chief Executive Officer of the Murderous Maths Organisation, which is another way of saying she's responsible for all Scholastic's non-fiction books including Horrible Science, History and Geography. Even though Lisa admits to knowing very little about maths herself, she's the one who bribes and bullies everybody into making more MM books and she generally organises everything which includes taking Poskitt out for lunch. Apart from Poskitt and Reeve, she is the only living person to appear in an MM book, even though she looks nothing like the way she's been drawn! What does Lisa really look like?

Lisa has been in charge of the MM books longer than anyone can remember.

Ian by Ian Ian Baker is a cartoonist, illustrator, magician and author. Born in the seventies, he studied graphic design and since then his work has appeared in everything from Private Eye to the Times and other publications around the world. His original cartoons feature in many private collections and galleries including the London Cartoon Museum and the Cartoon & Karikatur Museum in Basel, Switzerland. As well as drawing, Ian has written comedy scripts for tv and has been involved in the world of magic. He lives in Sheffield with several packs of cards and Katie, his dip pen.

You can find out more about Ian and see some of his brilliant cartoons at Ian Baker's Website.

Ian did the pictures for "Codes: how to make them and break them".

You never see Tracey
and Grizelda the Grisley 
in the same room together. Tracey Turner is one of the people who invented "Murderous Maths". Although she doesn't get her name in the books without her they wouldn't be nearly as good because she chops out all the long boring bits and suggests better jokes before they get printed up. Tracey used to work full time at Scholastic, but now is freelance which means she has time to write her own books as well as interfering with other people's. You might wonder why there's a picture of Grizelda the Grisley here... well you never see them both in the same room at the same time. Spooky.

Tracey edited the first ten of the MM books.

Daniel by Daniel Daniel Postgate was born, naked and penniless, in Whitstable 1964. After a nasty scrape with education he became an apprentice box painter, adorning old boxes with horse and sea-scenes. Then the bright lights beckoned - with only the clothes he stood up in and a van load of junk he moved to London. Life was hard at first, he made ends meet by doing odd jobs. He was a cook, a removals man, a film-extra and tosher. His big break came when he fell in with a desperate gang of newspaper designers and became a cartoonist. Later he turned his hand to writing and illustrating kid's books. His hobbies are morbid introspection and window-shopping.

Daniel did the pictures for "The Essential Arithmetricks" and "The Mean and Vulgar Bits"

Is this Trevor? Trevor Dunton is a wanted man. He was last heard of in London doing drawings and devising websites but then he borrowed 3 from Kjartan Poskitt and disappeared. Presumably he's used the money to start a new life somewhere. Please get in touch Trevor - we want to know how you ever got that miserable old creep to hand over three quid. You can see some of his other pictures and some very funny animations at Trevor Dunton's Site

Trevor did the pictures for the very first Murderous Maths book.

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