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An anulus is like a disc with a round hole in it and you can get the area with just one measurement.

All you do is draw a straight line across the ring that just touches the little circle in the middle. If the length of this line is L then:

The area of the anulus is pi x (L/2)2

But why?

The answer is rather satisfying. Obviously the area is the same as the little circle taken away from the big circle, so let's see what happens when we try it. Remember the area of a circle = PI x r2 where r is the radius of the circle (a radius is the distance from the middle to the edge).

Here we've called the radius of the big circle R and the little one is r.

But now look at the diagram - we've got a right angled triangle. If you've read Vicious Circles you'll know all about PYTHAGORAS, and you'll see that R2 = (L/2)2 + r2. Therefore

We'd like to thank Alex Jeffreys for bringing this neat formula to our attention!

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