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Penrose Tiles: a puzzle that goes on for ever! How to cut a hole as big as you like in a card Make the Arrows Illusion Kjartan's Flexagon page with a book and templates to download

The Predictor Cards This is the trick with four cut-out cards, you pick a number from 1-16 and it mysteriously appears in a hole at the back!

The Dice Net Puzzle Cut out the shape then try to make a dice - a test of logic and nets!

The Step Maze

Solve this on the paper, or draw it out on the floor and step from square to square!

Can you reach the X in just seven moves?

Making Flexagons A simple video guide to show how to make a triflexagon. This page has a printable template you can copy and hand out. There is also the more advanced Fabulous Flexagons page.

How to fold Equilateral Triangles and Pentagons

How to make 4x4 Magic Squares

The Four Colour Map Theorem The maths problem that simply involves colouring in - and could make you famous!

How to make 5x5 and 7x7 Magic Squares

The Magical Self-Assembling Cube!

What Were You Like When You Were Born?

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Secret Messages

Strange dice, odd Rubik's Cubes, games, books, even T-Shirts ... perfect presents for maths fans here!

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