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Since Murderous Maths was first launched by Scholastic UK in 1997, we've been delighted to get messages from all over the world.

In particular we've been hearing from so many home-schoolers, teachers and students in the USA that we decided you deserved your own page!

The extra S

In the UK we shorten mathematics to "maths". If this makes you uncomfortable, maybe you can get an American publisher to produce some US editions called Murderous MATH. In the meantime, we're afraid you'll have to put up with our extra "s"!


There are specialist US bookstores now stocking our titles, and the books are also available from several online sites.

Click here for the AMAZON Murderous Maths Selection

You might also try HORRIBLE BOOKS These people are based in San Diego CA. They specialise in all the Scholastic UK "Horrible Books". As well as Murderous Maths they also stock Horrible Science, Horrible History, Horrible Geography, Dead Famous and others. They have a long page of feedback from happy customers including this kind message:

A testimonial for Murderous Maths books! Last Saturday my two sons won the team trophy in a math contest held at a Bay Area high school. The contest was for grades 6-8 and 70 kids participated. Individually my sons also won first place (6th grade) and tied for second place (7th grade). And they told me later that they had used things they learned from the Murderous Maths books to help them with some of the problems!!!! Other than reading Murderous Maths books they did no formal prep for this contest -- and now they have $150 between them and a gigantic trophy :-) Thanks for everything!

Clickschooling Approved Website! THE WEB SITE

The MM site has over 200 pages! For quick reference, here are the pages that most of our American visitors look for first:

A guide to the maths in the MM books This page is set up for teachers, students and in particular home schoolers who want to know the maths content of each book.

The A-Z guide to Murderous Maths This page lists every topic we've covered with where you can find more information either in the books or on this site.

Teacher Resources Here are a set of activities and tricks you can do at home or in class.

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