A new look for Murderous Maths ...

Join the Murderous Maths characters in four books specially adapted by Kjartan Poskitt for younger readers!

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Re-issued with new covers for 2019

An introduction to Murderous Maths which includes
  • The mad people who invented maths
  • Domino puzzles
  • Dangerous cakes
  • When calculators are rubbish
  • One-sided paper
  • Strange days
  • Little numbers with superpowers
  • Speed!

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The Brain-Bending Basics is an abridged version of "Bend Your Brain" and "Mash Your Mind"

With illustrations by
Philip Reeve and Trevor Dunton

A wide range of tricks to perform
ranging from very easy to wizardry!
  • Beat the calculator
  • Card and coin tricks
  • Think of a Number
  • Magic squares
  • How to make flexagons
... and many more!

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The Magic of Maths is a compilation of all the tricks that have previously been published in the MM series, plus a wide selection of new ones.

Illustrated by
Rob Davis

The complete guide to...
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Multiplying (the long way and also grid methods)
  • Dividing (yes, even long division!)
  • Fractions
  • Decimals

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The Secrets of Sums is an abridged version of "The Awesome Arithmetricks" and "The Mean and Vulgar Bits"

With illustrations by Daniel Postgate

All you need to know about...
  • Triangles, Squares and other 2D shapes
  • Circles and π
  • Line, area and volume
  • Solids and their nets
  • Ellipses and orbits
  • Drawing and even folding perfect shapes

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All Shapes and Sizes is an abridged version of "Savage Shapes" and also includes sections from Desperate Measures and other MM titles.

With illustrations by
Philip Reeve

The big COLOUR book includes ...
  • Solve 2,000 year old murder mystery
  • How to make your birthday last twice as long
  • Creepy curves
  • 4 dimensional noughts and crosses
  • How to look perfect
  • The size of space
  • Ghost potatoes

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