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Illustrated by Philip Reeve
This book was
in the UK as
More Murderous Maths
by Scholastic Ltd 1998

Murderous Maths Guaranteed to Mash your Mind

Suitable for ages 8 upwards

This book carries on where the first Murderous Maths book finished.

Dominoes, one-sided paper, speed, numbers you can't write down - yes all this and even the ongoing tale of how Dolly Snowlips got Half-Smile, Chainsaw and the other gangsters out of jail for one last job....

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The Story So Far...

"The dynamite flew in through the bars of the window and rolled across the floor..."
That's how this book starts, and sandwiched between the other chapters we get further installments of the gangsters story involving trains, dames, Fort Knocks and some extremely large trousers.

Deadly Doms

Dominoes are in the shape of two squares stuck together. But you'd be amazed what you can do with tronimoes, tetronimoes, and especially the twelve fabulous pentominoes. Games, puzzles - and how to overcome one of Professor Fiendish's diabolical tricks!

EXTRA - go to Dolly's LINKS page to find how to play pentominoes on your screen!

EXTRA - Try putting the five TETRONIMOES together in the Pure Mathematicians Tetris game!

A Fishy Problem

A visit to the new fishpond at Fogsworth Manor leads to a question of dimensions. Our world is 3 dimensional or "3-D", but what are 1-D and 2-D worlds like? And who can see you stark naked even when you're dressed?

EXTRA - Have you tried playing 3D NOUGHTS AND CROSSES?

Murderous Measurements

How to measure lengths, areas and the exact volume of your foot. Oh and there's another diabolical Professor Fiendish problem. If you're one of the people who have read the book and not worked out the answer, this is what you've been waiting for:
EXTRA - Professor Fiendish's extra square answer


The Evil Gollarks from the planet Zog are invading, so we just get time to find out how speed relies on distance and time, and how to work the numbers so that you can compare the speeds of things such as light, snails and New York. And you'll be amazed at what happens to the Gollark battle cruiser!

Go THIS way Go THAT way

One Sided Paper

All about the weird and wonderful Mobius Strip and why it is appreciated by romantic ants. Also how to make your own amazing paper illusion.

Strange Numbers

The 3-4-5 triangle, why you can't write down irrational numbers and why Pythagoras had somebody murdered! Also "pi" and a few mega formulas explained.

The Strange Tale of Mr Field and Mr Fence

The difference between area and perimeter - and how to step right through a hole in a postcard!

Mirror Numbers

22, 171, 45154, 6778776, these are all "numerical palindromes" or mirror numbers. There's a neat trick to create them - and how to make a teacher's head short circuit!

How to be Famous for Ever!

This chapter has no numbers in it - all you need is a pencil, a straight edge and a pair of compasses. It's a quick demonstration of the fun bits of geometry, and yes - YOU COULD BECOME FAMOUS FOR EVER!

The Human Pyramid

Join the Calamity Circus to discover triangle numbers, and also get a good excuse for throwing a party!

The Psychic Blobs

A neat little magic trick to play on a friend!

The Troll's Challenge and the Deadly Islands of Doom

Which of these diagrams can you draw without taking your pencil off the paper or going over any line twice?
You should find you can do the first two but the last one is impossible! This chapter explains why and then you'll be ready to visit the Foul City of Fastbuck and sort out their islands of Yuk, Ug and Poo!
EXTRA - The sneaky way of drawing the third diagram!

The Great Rhun of Jepatti and the Squares of Mystery

How did the mystery squares make the Great Rhun so rich? These are a special form of magic square specially adapted for the Murderous Maths books so you can try them on your friends!


The ongoing gangster story comes to a happy end! We don't want to give too much away here, but it involves Luigi's diner, a broken door, a nine-barrelled Dawson-Roach 25-bore multi-target self-loading hydraulic action scatter cannon.... and Porky Bocelli eating three of everything on the menu.

This book is dedicated to Margaret Fenton seen here on her 100th birthday with Kjartan, her proud grandson


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