Dolly Snowlips' Hot Links to Cool sites

Even if you're drop dead gorgeous, it's fun to use your brain once in a while!

But don't just take my word for it - what about the famous actress Cate Blanchett? ( Did you see her starring in the movie "Elizabeth"? She was awesome. She was great in "Lord of the Rings" too.)

Cate says:
"Acting was always my second choice, as a kid I wanted to be an economist. The thrill of solving a mathematical equation - I rarely did it but I would literally jump from my seat in the middle of the class and scream when I'd got it right!"

So take a few minutes and look up some of these sites. By the way, you'll notice how chic and glamorous Cate looks - but can you see anybody else on this page who looks like her? Whaddya mean NO? Ok limp brains I'll give you some clues: yellow spotty coat, beret, lipstick....

We hope all these external links work correctly, but sometimes sites disappear or change without us knowing!

Of course you can always rely on links to pages on the MM site

Activity sites

Make Your Own Pascal's Triangle ... up to almost any number of rows you like!

The Self-Colouring Pascal's Triangle A really neat demonstration of how patterns appear, with lots of bits you can play with.

NRICH - Mathematics Enrichment If you like a real challenge, try some of the brainteasers on this site.

Go THIS way Go THAT way

Don't forget Professor Fiendish's Tricks and Games page or the

Activities Page on this site!

Interesting sites

Nick Arnold's Website - the author of the Horrible Science series.

Tony De Saulles's Website - Tony illustrates all the Horrible Science books. Nick Arnold keeps him very busy!

Watch Tony show how to draw cartoons here on YouTube!

Grand Illusions An illusion site with some neat tricks too.

The Scholastic Site Scholastic are a minor subsiduary of the Murderous Maths Organisation. They are in charge of printing the MM books, and they also do other series including the Horrible Histories, Horrible Science, Killer Puzzles, The Knowledge, Goosebumps, Dead Famous and loads more.

Count On This site is full of good stuff including a MASSIVE links sections to try.

Maths Performers

Bubbly Maths We've met Bubblz at festivals and we like her a lot. She makes bubbles (of course!) and absolutely huge balloon sculptures, and links them to thinking about size and volume. This site has a video demo and explains what she can do for you.

Andrew Jeffrey is a really neat magician/maths teacher who does excellent shows in schools suitable for key stages 1-4.

Dr Maths Steve Humble is a maths expert and consultant with some amazing tricks and interesting presentations. He's available for school visits and has a good range of puzzle/activity books to help in the classroom.

Kjartan Poskitt's site Lots of useless rubbish from the Murderous Maths author who also writes plays and invents puzzles. You can also book him to turn up to events via this site.

Sites to help with maths

Maths Forum This site has the answers to all sorts of maths questions. We often use it to deal with the weird and wonderful enquiries we get. This is probably the most useful link on this page!

Look at this picture of the three (or is it two?) columns. This is actually a photo of a real model!
Cool Math For Kids A wonderful and colourful site from the US packed with interesting features.

Tarquin Mathematics These people can sell you a fabulous range of maths stuff including games, stencils, posters, and an amazing selection of great books - most of which are very colourful and have interesting activities to do. Their web page tells you what they've got.

Prim-Ed Publishing This site is for primary teachers or home educators. Prim-Ed have lots of useful books for helping people who are just starting out in maths.

Mathematical Association a sort of club for maths teachers which has been going since 1871. They have a massive range of resources, publications and back-up stuff to help you.

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