The PUZZLE Page!

We've got loads of puzzles scattered around our site. Some are quick, some are longer, some are old classics and some are new. This page links you directly to them, even the puzzles hidden in the mystery tour!

The Bear Hunter Puzzle

The Six Coin Circle Problem

The Ten Digit Teaser

The Dice Net Puzzle

The Eight Queens Chess Puzzle

The Multi-Queens Puzzle

The Sliding Block Puzzle

Help Professor Fiendish
Fly Round The World!


The Four 4's Challenge

The 12 Coin Balance Problem

The 3d
Tic Tac Toe Puzzle

The Coin Pyramid

The Daily Kjarposko Puzzle

The Pyramid Puzzle

The Devil's Dice

The Brainbenders
A random mixture of puzzles sent in by our readers!

The Book! Professor Fiendish's Diabolical Brainbenders

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