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Are you looking for new angles to explain or encourage maths?
You'll find help in:
A Guide to the Maths in the MM books
Book Kjartan Poskitt the MM author for a Murderous Maths Show
Here are some novel teacher resources based on Kjartan's presentations.
The A-Z index to find everything in Murderous Maths       The Complete Book Index

The Magic of Maths, All Shapes and Sizes, Brain-Bending Basics, Secrets of Sums      

Murderous Maths: Bend Your Brain       Murderous Maths: Mash Your Mind

The Awesome Arithmetricks       The Mean and Vulgar Bits      

Desperate Measures       Do You Feel Lucky?

Savage Shapes       The Key to the Universe (numbers)

The Phantom X (algebra)       The Fiendish Angletron (trigonometry)

The Perfect Sausage (formulas)       The Secret Life of CODES

Professor Fiendish's DIABOLICAL BRAINBENDERS      

The Murderous Maths of Everything       Easy Questions Evil Answers

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"Diabolical Brainbenders"
The Online Bookshop       Who Writes and Draws Murderous Maths?       The MM book quiz!

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Professor Fiendish's Tricks and Games

The 7-11-13 trick       The Prime Numbers Trick       The Five Card Trick      

The Calendar Trick       Urgum and Grizelda's Headhunt       The Impossible Guess

How to make a Triflexagon      

The Impossible Drawing Trick       Murderous Brainbending Puzzles

The Modulus 105 Trick       The Mindreader

The Football Team Illusion       The Missing Digit Trick

Riverboat Lil's Mindreader trick      Lil's Missing Card Illusion

Riverboat Lil's Dead Giveaway trick      The Red and Black Mystery

Luigi's Outside Table      The Extra Square Mystery

The Sam Loyd Sliding Block Puzzle       Sam Loyd's Get Off The Earth Puzzle

The Sam Loyd Eight Queens Puzzle      

Akiyoshi Kitaoka's Distorted Squares       The Chess Board Illusion

The Arrows Illusion

Kjartan Poskitt's Fun Maths Videos

The Illusions Page

The Mystery Tour

The Mailroom      

Links to other sites we like      


Puzzles Index

How to make 5x5 and 7x7 Magic Squares       The Magical Self-Assembling Cube!      

Prime Numbers       How to make Flexagons      

The Coin Pyramid (Tower of Hanoi)       Sunny's 4x4 Challenge

The 6 Coin Circle Problem       The Twelve Coin Balance Problem (and solution)

The Bear Hunter Puzzle       Murderous Brainbending Puzzles

The Dreaded Kjarposkos       The DAILY Kjarposko puzzle!

The Dice Net Puzzle (Print it out and try it!)       The Four Colour Map Theorem

Codes and Secret Messages       The Ten Digit Teaser

Fly Round The World Puzzle

K-PUZZ logic puzzles


THE RESEARCH LAB (With answers to a very wide variety of odd maths questions!)

Finger Times Tables       Some Unusual Units      

The Chances of Card Hands       The National Lottery Odds      

Pascal's Triangle       The Area of an Ellipse and Volume of Ellipsoids      

The Penrose Chickens       Testing if numbers divide by 11, 7 or 13      

Fibonacci and Nature       The Most Pathetic Facts in Maths      

Regular Solids - formulas for volumes!       GCSE Slips and Tips (exam help)      

The Alternate Segment Theorem & Proof       Calculating the Area of a Trapezium without the height!      

Matthew Sheeran's Amazing Stamps Formula!       Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square

The area of an ANULUS (with one measurement!)       The Names of Bits of Circles Quiz

The sounds of SIN and SQUARE waves

Square Triangle and Cube Numbers (with proof)       Diagonals of Polygons (with proof)      

The Unknown (Combinations) Formula       Surprising Regions Formula      

How many different ways can you put a pack of cards in order?

How to find the centre of a circle using a book

The Prime Counter       The 11 Test

How to work out Square Roots without a calculator

Golomb Rulers       How to turn a Rectangle into a Square of the same area

The SUDOKU prime number       How many squares are there on a chess board?

What are the chances of 366 strangers all having different birthdays?       A bit of CALCULUS!

How to Trisect an Angle       Hannah's Sweets - the GCSE probability question

Why does 0.99999... = 1?

2018: The Nine-Bead Necklace Number      

The Day of the Huntrodds!


Stories from "The Week" that amused us

The Cicadas 17-year Life Cycle      The Al-Gebra Movement

Cool Greek Maths Geeks      Olympic Medal Facts

2043 - The Year We All Turn Into Elvis


As well as the obvious squares and circles, you can get the area of ANY triangle from knowing the lengths of the three sides, and you can even get the areas of ellipses and the surface area of spheres!

The LCD and HCF Calculator       The Prime Number calculator

The Time Calculator       The Area Calculator

The Quadratic Calculator

The Factoriser Calculator

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