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Hull, June 2004
Kjartan with 1,000 kids and teachers in the Helix, Dublin Oct 2018
Have you seen the Murderous Maths author KJARTAN POSKITT do one of his maths shows or teachers seminars? This page gives links to some of the items he may have demonstrated. You can also see some of his facts and tricks here: Kjartan's Fun Maths Videos

The resource sheets can be printed off and copied for your own or classroom use, but MAY NOT be used for wider publication in any form without permission or credit. Thank you.

If you'd like to book Kjartan to do maths demonstrations please see Kjartan Poskitt Appearances

NEW! A daily number/logic puzzle which you can download for classroom use.
The K-PUZZ Logic Puzzles

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TES review 12/11/04
Click HERE to see the full TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT review
describing what Kjartan Poskitt does

Classroom Displays Some photos taken of items made by children based on features in Murderous Maths of Everything.

These include:
* 3-dimensional O's and X's
* Pythagoras
* How to Draw an Egg Exactly!

pages with a video demonstration

Making Flexagons A simple video guide to show how to make a triflexagon. This page has a printable template you can copy and hand out. There is also the more advanced Fabulous Flexagons page.

Chopping Pizzas (or dividing up circles)

How to fold Equilateral Triangles and Pentagons

How to make 4x4 Magic Squares

The Four Colour Map Theorem A maths problem that simply involves colouring in!

How to make 5x5 and 7x7 Magic Squares Note that the slightly different 5x5 magic square in which five numbers are chosen and the rest eliminated (seen in "The Great Rhun of Jepatti" demonstration) is explained in More Murderous Maths

The Magical Self-Assembling Cube!

Codes and Secret Messages

Make a
Penrose Tiles: a puzzle that goes on for ever! How to cut a hole as big as you like in a card Make the Arrows Illusion Kjartan's Flexagon page with a book and templates to download

The Predictor Cards The trick with four cut-out cards, you pick a number from 1-16 and it mysteriously appears in a hole at the back!

The Massive Number Prediction A trick where the volunteer adds five huge numbers, but you have written the answer down even before you know what the numbers are!

The 7-11-13 trick A trick multiplication you can do faster than a calculator

The Prime Numbers Trick A strange little prediction

Lil's Giveaway Trick

A betting trick with seven cards that always makes money!

The Red and Black Mystery! A card trick to baffle people, and you don't even need to touch the cards!

The Mindreader A prediction trick. (Hint: it relies on the properties of the number nine!)

The fabulous Five Card trick The Five Card Trick As presented here, this trick encourages use of the 5x table for younger kids. You could make different versions, e.g. the "seven" card trick would familiarise kids with the seven times table and for this the cards would need to be numbered 1-7 and 8-14.

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2/ Ladybird Backpack
3/ Special lunchbox

The Murderous Maths
of Everything

Find how to make your birthday last twice as long, how prime numbers can stop you from being eaten and build a pile of pennies higher than the sun!

Click here for full contents

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The Calendar Trick This trick works with any continuous grid of numbers. It's an application of "mean" values.

The Fibonacci Trick A nice little prediction which involves a Fibonacci series.

Finger Times Tables How to multiply up to 10x10 with your fingers.

The 1089 Trick and some 1089 facts!


  • Think of a number between 1 and 9
  • Add 1
  • Multiply by 9
  • Add 1
  • Add the two digits of your answer
  • Divide by 2
  • Turn the number you have left into a letter:

    1=a  2=b  3=c  4=d  5=e  6=f  7=g  8=h  9=i

    Shout the name of an animal beginning with your letter!

You can have a copy of Kjartan's powerpoint presentation of the FIBONACCI SERIES. It is fully captioned and also features a couple of other tricks. Contact him via Kjartan's Website with your name and school address.


You probably don't need this, but just in case...

"It's all here. Enough maths to get you through any and every day, and perhaps help adults keep up with their kids -now there's a thought...ENJOY!" Johnny Ball

It starts with how to add, then leads you through almost everything including long division, decimals, algebra, line/area/volume, probability and even ends up with a look at logarithms!
Click the cover for full details, or you can order your copy here.

The Top Ten Most Pathetic Facts in Maths      

What You Were Like When You Were Born      

How many different ways can you put a pack of cards in order?      

The Extra Square Mystery      

BIG PANTS from the book Vicious Circles and other Savage Shapes

Here are the instructions to draw the diagram pictured on the right. (Photo taken at the North East Maths Fair June 2001)
  • The isosceles triangle BNG has a perpendicular dropped from N to meet BG at point I.
  • Line BN is extended to T and then linked to G via point S to form an irregular quadrilateral.
  • Likewise line GN is extended to A and then linked to B via point P so that quadrilaterals BNAP and GNTS are congruent.

How a Vintage Synthesiser works! Kjartan Poskitt gives a detailed demo of what happens inside a 1970's keyboard.


The Devil's Dice A tough puzzle involving cube nets and logic!

The Pyramid Puzzle Can you count the triangles?

The 3D Noughts and Crosses Puzzle Practise thinking in three dimensions.

The Twelve Coin Balance Problem The old classic puzzle - with a full answer if you need it!

The Brainbenders A very random collection of things we've been sent in by readers.

The Ten Digit Teaser A wonderful puzzle with a unique solution!

The Dice Net Puzzle

Cut out the shape then try to make a dice - a test of logic and nets!

Click on the image to open a sheet you can print out.

Catriona Shearer's Puzzles
A wonderful selection of cute little geometry puzzles to challenge maths enthusiasts!

The Kjarposko Puzzles

Kjartan Poskitt's unique
number/logic puzzles.

Once you've seen how they work, try the Daily Puzzle.

The K-PUZZ Logic Puzzles

Updated regularily on Twitter.


If you've seen one of Kjartan's sessions, these are some of the resource sheets he uses so you can print out further copies.


A Guide to the Maths topics in the different MURDEROUS MATHS books      

The Full Site Contents      

The Online Bookshop

Maths Week Ireland
Every October since 2006, this is the first, biggest and best national maths week.

Maths Week Scotland
Get involved in September/October.

Maths Week England
Look out for events in mid-November.

Save My Exams Resources (including past papers and revision notes) prepared by qualified teachers to help students studying for A Level, GCSE, IGCSE and IB exams.

Mastrelli Maths Online Tutoring Services Paul and Giles Mastrelli's online home-tutoring sessions are the perfect boost for KS1, KS2 and KS3 children. With over 10 years of classroom experience, they combine learning with fun, all online at a time to suit you.

Andrew Jeffrey Andrew is an amazing Maths Magician and author with a teaching background who does school events, teacher events and masterclasses.

Dr Maths Steve Humble is a maths expert and consultant with some amazing
tricks and interesting presentations. He's available for school visits
and has a good range of puzzle/activity books to help in the classroom.

Maths Made Easy Lots of help and practise papers for maths and also english and science.

Hands On Maths A wide range of short daily activities and ideas suitable for all primary ages devised by headteacher Kerry Dalton.

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